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The Fibro Fix 30 Day Jumpstart Program

I created this program with the goal of educating people about their need to understand  and realize that there are actions that they can take to alter this condition and to believe in their hearts that this syndrome does not have to dominate their existence.

The Positive Benefits of my program you will experience are:

  1. An reservation of hope
  2. An reduction of pain
  3. An sense of well being
  4. A return to restorative sleep
  5. Improved energy /strength
  6. A reduction of bloating /gas
  7. Increased knowledge about beneficial supplements
  8.  Freedom to enjoy your family and friends again

My program is for you if you will make a commitment that is real. If you are unable to make this kind of commitment then this is not for you. I look at it as an adventure, a challenge and as joy when I think of restoring wellness to all the sufferers of fibromyalgia. Most people who start this program usually see improvement in how they feel within a week or two. All I ask is that you spend 10 minutes a day with the program.

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The Fibro Fix Signature 8-10 week Program

This follows the 30 Day Jumpstart Program and goes into more detail about defeating fibromyalgia .

I will cover the following topics:

1. The major role of food allergies.

2. The importance of reading food labels.

3. The tie between the Immune system and gut health .

4. The correct combination of supplements .

5. The advantage of living a healthy lifestyle.

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One-on-one Health Transformations

These are done by phone and they are tailored to your health concerns and their connections to the body systems.

Now taking clients go to contact and there you will find calender of times that I'm open to talk to you ! The First one is no charge ! Now taking private clients ! Go to the contact me page and book your appointment with the calendar .

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