Why You Should Buy Organic

We are told by researchers that we should eat organic because the food is better for us healthwise but do we know what  the definition of organic food really means ? Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man made fertilisers , pesticides , growth regulations and livestock feed additives . Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOS) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation.   What you decide to eat each day will affect how you look ,how you feel and how much energy you have . I know that you might not be able to afford organic food but purchase it when you can as it helps to keep down potential exposure to toxins .


So what are the most important foods to buy organic ?   Did you know that as much as 70 percent of produce grown in the United States has been found by the FDA to have some pesticide residue . More than half of everything we eat contains some pesticides.

  I’m going to share with you five foods to buy organic when you start and the reasons why.


  1. Bananas – If you have kids or babies buy organic as much as possible. Bananas are exposed to chemicals at all phases of growth and production . They are commonly gassed with ethylene to prepare them for shipping . They are also being fumigated with methyl bromide to prevent pests from coming into the country with the fruit. There are studies that show much of the contamination can be peeled off but organic is safest for children.
  2. Apples – They are nearly as contaminated as strawberries. If you buy non organic / or waxed apples be sure to peel them and discard the skin before you eat them . Most of the chemical residues are on the apple skins. Also the old adage should be changed to  ‘“ An Organic apple a day keeps the doctor away” .
  3. Rice – If your diet contains a lot of rice buying  organic is the way to go . Dangerous chemicals that have  been banned are still found in the ground water used to irrigate the fields . I suggest buying organic rice in bulk as that way it is as economical as non organic prepackaged rice and much safer.
  4. Coffee – coffee beans are often treated heavily with chemicals . If you are a regular coffee drinker make sure your coffee is organic and use good filtered water.
  5. Meat – meat  is among the most contaminated of products . Animals are frequently raised under unsanitary feedlot conditions.  Their health , productivity and muscle mass are maintained by an array of drugs that include antibiotics, hormones and steroids. They also have their feed treated with pesticides and drugs to prepare them for slaughter.


I hope this article has helped you learn more about going organic and I hope you start buying organic this week. Comment below with one food that  you are going to purchase this week.

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