IF you have been reading about coconut oil and how it can help with beauty, you have probably come across using coconut oil for your hair. There are actually many great ways to use coconut oil for your hair and your scalp, and it is good for most people (There are a few exceptions.). In this blog post, you will learn about the different ways to use coconut oil for your hair
Before You Use Coconut on Your Hair
While there are many benefits to using coconut oil on your hair, as you are about to find out, there is also one warning you need to be aware of. It is true that coconut oil is a natural ingredient that provides benefits for most people, however, if you have a skin condition of the scalp, you will need to be careful about using it.
For example, people who have seborrheic dermatitis, can’t use any shampoo or conditioner with coconut oil in it, since the oil feeds the yeast. If you have this condition, you should refrain from using coconut oil in your hair or on your scalp.
It Gives You Natural Shine
Who doesn’t want to add a little more shine to their hair? When you use a lot of hair styling tools with heat and don’t use a heat protectant beforehand, you are killing a lot of that moisture in your hair. People with dry and frizzy hair naturally can also get some help with moisture by using coconut oil. It is also great when you just want a boost in the shine of your hair.
Coconut oil doesn’t break down very easily or evaporate in your hair, so when you add it for dry hair, it can actually help you retain more of the moisture. It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and soft without making it super oily. This extra moisture is also going to help reduce further damage from split ends and sun damage.

You Can Reduce Dryness and Damage
The next benefit of coconut oil for your hair is by helping with hair loss and other forms of damage to your hair follicles. Many people are adding coconut oil to their hair a few days a week to help prevent or stop hair loss. If you have a mother or grandmother who is balding at an older age, then it might run in your family, so now is the perfect time to start protecting your hair from breakage.
You can apply coconut oil itself to your hair or make a mixture with lime water and even a little bit of gooseberries to it. This is a mixture often used in India and sometimes combined with other herbs as well. To help with damage or hair loss, apply it either before or after you have washed your hair. You won’t strip all of the moisture from the oil even if you add it before taking a shower.

It Might Remove Dandruff and Flakes
You may think that adding coconut oil to your hair would worsen your scalp build-up and dandruff, but it is actually the opposite. Coconut oil is revered as being a top natural remedy for dandruff. There are fatty acids in coconut that can help get rid of all that build-up and help to prevent it from forming in the future. With a little coconut oil added to your shampoo or directly to your hair, you can stop being embarrassed whenever you wear black.

You Have a Natural Detangler
Since coconut oil helps so much with adding more moisture to your hair, this is also going to benefit you if you struggle with knots and tangles in your hair. You might struggle with tangles if you have long hair, a lot of waves or curly, or if you like to wear it up a lot, which can cause knots when you remove it from the hair tie. If you want to use coconut oil for detangling, always start with natural organic virgin coconut oil, since doesn’t leave behind a residue.
You should melt the coconut oil and apply it to the ends of your hair, then begin brushing it through to remove the tangles. If you apply the oil to your hair on a regular basis, you should start seeing less tangles.

Coconut For Your Hair
The first area of beauty that coconut is perfect for is your hair. In fact, when you look up natural remedies for your hair or just ways to make your hair healthy and shiny, coconut oil often comes up as the primary recommendation. Coconut oil isn’t too harsh and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue, but it does provide a lot of miracles for your hair. Here are some different benefits your hair will get by using coconut oil.

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