As you get older, your body goes through many changes, some good, and some not so good. If you want to take care of yourself, a good way to start is by focusing on what you drink in terms of nutrition.

Drink More Water

The first thing you need to drink more of for anti-aging is water. This hydrates your skin and can be amazing for your adult acne.

Use a Water App

In the modern era of technology, there are many programs and tools that can help you reach goals virtually. You can download apps for your smart phone or tablet that monitor how many ounces of water you drink per day. Keeping tabs of your intake can help you stay motivated and stop you from forgetting to drink water.

Get Water from Produce

Simply increasing your intake of fruits and veggies can help increase hydration because plant matter is naturally dense with water. Watermelon, cucumber, and grapes are just a few examples of refreshing snacks that are abundant in both water and vitamins.

Try Sugar-Free Popsicles

When drinking water is challenging, consider frozen water. Those used to soft drinks can try replacing soda with a nutritious pop sickle. You can buy popsicles made with natural fruit juices or make your own from tea, lemonade or juice. Popsicles can help you stay hydrated and comfortable, especially on hot days.

Iced Coffee

If you’re addicted to coffee, you may struggle with drinking pure water in place of your caffeinated beverages, which can serve to be dehydrating. A coffee drink that’s been blended with ice is a fun way to incorporate even more water into your cup of joe.

Make it Interesting with Infused Water

Vitamin C Water Detox

What could taste more refreshing than a blend of tangy oranges and plump raspberries? This recipe will give you a healthy dose of Vitamin C and strong antioxidants to combat premature aging. Wash an orange and cut it into thin slices (with peelings). Gently crush a pint of fresh raspberries and add them to the water. Let the ingredients infuse and enjoy delicious sips of it throughout the day.

Blueberries and Lavender Water

Scientists and nutritionists recommend that your diet be rich in colorful foods. The compounds that give fruits and veggies their vibrant hues also revitalize your body. This blue-inspired recipe contains blueberries and lavender, a flowering herb. Wash a pint of blueberries and add them to your water, plus a handful of organic lavender stems. Blue Magic is just as delightful to see as it is to taste!

Cucumber Water

Most people are familiar with cucumber water. It was the classic infusion that health clubs began serving their clients. Many water detox recipes contain this vitamin-rich fruit. There are healthy compounds in cucumbers that may reduce inflammation and fight the free radicals that age your skin. To make this drink, wash and slice a medium-sized organic cucumber and steep it in your water. Keep the peel on the cucumber for extra vitamins.

Try Healthy Smoothies

Choose a Delicious Liquid Base

First, you need a delicious liquid base for an anti-aging beverage, and great choices for your beverage can include:

• Coconut water or milk
• Kefir
• Herbal teas
• Fresh organic juices
• Almond milk

Use Vegetables in Your Smoothies

Dark green leafy vegetables are some of the best vegetables to use in smoothies. You can use collard greens, spinach or kale to make a green smoothie. Additional vegetables to use in a smoothie include beets, carrots or celery.

Add Nutritious Fruits to a Smoothie

Antioxidants are a nutrient that eliminate the free radicals in your body’s cells to prevent the damage that leads to an aged appearance. Fruits with dark colors have the highest level of antioxidants, so you can use blueberries, pomegranates or oranges in your anti-aging smoothie.

The Best Nuts and Seeds for Smoothies

If you add seeds or nuts to your smoothies, then you are increasing the beverage’s protein level. There are numerous types of nuts or seeds that are appropriate for blending into a smoothie. Look for organic walnuts, peanuts or chia seeds at local supermarkets.

Add Herbs to a Smoothie Beverage

Herbs can add flavor and anti-aging properties to a smoothie. You can use basil, dill, mint or parsley in a smoothie to increase its health benefits. Many herbs are also appropriate for garnishing a tasty smoothie.

Find Creative Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

We’d all love to preserve our youth as long as possible, and staying hydrated is essential to facilitating anti-aging effects for our skin and overall health. Many of us struggle to drink enough water in a day, so thinking of creative solutions can help forge healthier habits.

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