If you have done any type of research about the keto diet, you know it is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. This doesn’t mean you eat unlimited amounts of fat and calories, but that you do want to eat enough fat for satiety purposes.

The issue is that you might not be used to eating so much fat, especially if you have been trying other types of diets. Here are some easy ways to get more healthy fats into your diet when you are doing keto.

Why Do You Need More Fat?

Are you on the keto diet, but struggling to reach your fat content? If so, you’re not alone. It might seem like fat would be easy to get more of, but not when you consider the goal is 70-75% of your daily intake of calories being from fat. This is a lot when you start calculating it. With keto, you need the fat so that you can enter ketosis, where your body is burning fat for fuel. Here are some easy ways to sneak in some more fat into your diet.

It’s Not All Bacon and Butter

Before you start adding more fats to your diet, you want to focus on the right types of fats. Healthy fats while on a keto diet will ensure that you maintain the right health and energy, while also increasing your fat intake to enter ketosis properly. Good sources of fat include animal protein, like beef, duck, and tallow, which are your saturated fats. Other saturated fats include clarified butter, regular butter, and coconut oil.

You can also have other healthy fats called monounsaturated fats, like olive oil and avocado oil. Then your fatty fish contain omega3s, which are also great to add to your diet.

Fatty Coffee

This is a quick and easy way to increase your fat intake each day without having to worry too much about it. For keto coffee, you are using the same premise as Bulletproof Coffee, but you don’t have to be as strict with where the coffee beans are sourced or the brand of fat added. For a simple keto coffee, just blend a cup of brewed coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil, 1-2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, and a tablespoon of butter. You can change the quantities if you want, but this recipe has about 35 grams of fat just for one cup of coffee.

Make Fat Bombs

When you begin looking up different keto recipes, you will often come across something called a fat bomb. This is nothing more than a small treat-like snack that gives you a nice boost of fat. While it is often meant just to give you an easy way to eat healthy fats so you are reaching the 70-75% minimum of fat each day, they also provide other benefits. Fat bombs range in flavors, but often provide a nice sweet treat for you to enjoy while on keto.

Why Fat Bombs?

As you know, the main purpose of fat bombs is to increase your fat. There are many days when as much as you try, you just can’t get your fat percentage up high enough. This often occurs when you have a lighter food day where you’re too busy to eat much more than a salad, you eat leaner protein like fish or chicken, or when you aren’t doing much cooking. During these days, you can enjoy a fat bomb that should already be stored in your refrigerator or freezer and ready to go.

Example of Fat Bombs

Here are some recipes that are popular for fat bombs, though you can definitely change them to fit your personal needs.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

A classic fat bomb you will see often from other people is one made with chocolate and peanut butter. This gives you a sweet treat in a healthy, keto fat bomb. It typically includes peanut butter, cocoa powder that is unsweetened, and coconut oil. Many of the chocolate fat bombs use something to sweeten in, like Stevia.

Coconut Oil

Some fat bombs are just meant to boost your coconut oil for some healthy fats. These not only have coconut oil, but often include shredded coconut as well, so they are best if you actually like the taste of coconut. They frequently have other flavors as well, like vanilla or even dark chocolate chips that are raw and unsweetened.

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