Are you waking up and going through the day with not enough stamina to do everything you want but you just push through because you think that it  is the only way to go through life ? You don’t even remember your life at all when you did have plenty of energy ? Has it been years or even decades  like this ? 7 years ago I was just existing and didn’t know where to turn . For about 5 years I study nutrition at the foremost school . I found specific actions that I could take to reduce my symptoms and improve my healthy immensely! My energy has been restore and I know that you’re can too.  It is not your destiny to struggle with this exhaustion every day and not be able to enjoy your family , your work , your schooling or whatever stage you are in life. It is all about taking action with expert help to live life as you want to live which means living without pain and fatigue.

Without further ado here are five more mistakes that are keeping you tired.

1. Eating wheat and brewers yeast – Eating wheat and brewer’s yeast can cause an allergic reaction in many individuals. I’m not talking about rashes or sneezes . I’m talking about feeling like you have the “flu “  or bad headache or you experience body pain.

2.  Eating  hidden additives  – Common food additives, like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame, can act as toxic molecules, that have  the ability to activate neurons that increase sensitivity to pain. Removing these additives can help one study found that eliminating MSG and aspartame resulted in a reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms.

3. Consuming  sugar. Eating sugar in any form- including fructose and honey – promotes fatigue , increases pain and distributes sleep . If these substances have been a regular part of your diet , your symptoms may actually get worse for a short period as a result of the “withdrawal “ effect , but after that , you should experience a noticeable improvement in your condition.

4.  Nightshade vegetables -The consumption of  these vegetables green peppers , eggplant , tomatoes and white potatoes . These foods contain solanine which interferes with enzymes in the muscles and may cause pain and discomfort.

5. Not eating enough vegetables – Veg out! Some researchers suspect  that oxidative stress may be a cause of fibro symptoms. Oxidative stress occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough antioxidants to battle cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Most fruits and veggies are packed with important antioxidants, like vitamins A, C, and E, which fight free radicals to keep your body normalized.

Do You Want to Stop Feeling This Way?

If you quit even one of the sabotaging behaviors above, you’re bound to see results right away. You’ll notice more energy, and less of that “blah” feeling that keeps you down and further depletes your stamina.

I’ve got a lot more I want to share with you about increasing your energy. Today , I’m going to dig much deeper on this topic during a FREE webinar…so that you can finally have more energy to do the things you want!

I’ve been sharing my strategies for eliminating fatigue with clients for [months ) and they can’t believe how much better they feel.

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“6 Little Known Culprits That Are Keeping You Exhausted…
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If you’ve been feeling chronically tired, drained, and exhausted then this is for you. I hope you’ll join me because I know what a huge difference this can make for you.  

Click here to reserve your free spot

Click here to reserve your free spot

Click on the address and it will come up with this page put your name and email in. You will get confirmation email . Once you confirm you will get welcome email . Make sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find it.

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