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Welcome to  the podcast Fibromyalgia Real Solutions  with Amanda Love .You are listening to episode 1. By the way, you can listen to this podcast wherever you are in the world  and at any time that you wish . I always include show notes for those with “ brain fog” so you don’t have to take notes . If you missed  my previous episode on what to expect from my podcast you may want to listen to it before this one.

 I do believe that there is a lot of information both good and bad  out there about fibromyalgia . As an educator who specializes in this area , I think it is my job to point out to you that the good information can be  organized in a fashion that will guide you to take some action steps that will start you on the path to recovery .

  My name is Amanda Elise Love and  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago which influenced my decision to enter the field of nutrition and now I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who works with those who are suffering from fibromyalgia.   

            The Long Slide into the Pit  Throughout  my infancy to  the age of 20 I was very ill. For 8 to 10 days at a time my temperature would elevate to over 104 degrees . I was toxic and the pediatricians and other medical professionals did not know why . I would recover only to be struck down again  every 4 to 6 weeks later . My daily struggle to overcome this mysterious illness was beyond comprehension. I was distraught and my family was distraught as I fought this mysterious illness over and over again. Then , it happened !!!! I fell into “The Pit “.   Now a new round of specialists became involved. These included a Rheumatologist , Physical therapist , Chiropractor , ENT , wellness facilities , pain center and acupuncturist . After all of these consultations I had no answers and I felt no better .Eventually the Rheumatologist decided that I had fibromyalgia.   The only recommendations she made included taking Cymbalta and going to physical therapy . The Cymbalta made me feel so terrible and nauseated and did nothing for the pain. I had weeks of physical therapy and deep muscle injections at the pain center which were excruciating and neither of these helped . A year went by and  I’m still looking for answers that would help my extreme pain and fatigue . “I was definitely in the pit!” The pit of frustration, pain , exhaustion, discouragement , anxiety ,depression and so on .. It was dark and lonely in this pit but I had some renewed hope one day when I found a broken ladder in the pit . The rungs in the ladder were all there  too so I tried to match them to the rails but the ends of the rungs where all different , some were round , some square , some trignaluar. I tried so hard to fit the rungs but I couldn’t . I started calling out hoping that someone would hear my cries. Someone did . She said “ I could give you some pain medication that would help you get out of this pit.” Someone  also said “I have some massage oil that would help relieve your pain.It is latest thing.” Another person said “you have to try the immune boosting diet that will give you more strength.” And so it went and so it went .

  None of these suggestions helped me and I know they will not help you either.

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  It wasn’t long before I stopped calling out because my tears were not heard . Then I realized the rungs would never fit  and I chose to accept my place in this pit. To make things worse, someone called to me and said “ you have never been in the pit .You just think you are and I believe that  was true .”

Now all these people , experts in their fields , or regular people have tried to help me but all of their suggestions are palliative . They will cover up or mask your symptoms for a while but they do not address the root cause  of the problem so you are stuck in this dreadful pit.

Actually the rungs in your ladder have a designated and ordered place to go. You just need a little help sorting them all out . Remember , there is no quick fix or a single rung that will help you. It is one step up at time putting all your effort on each rung , one after another , that will lead you out of the pit.  

  About that time, my grandmother , who is an R.N., read about a local chiropractor who held monthly meetings with free information on fibromyalgia . She  had never held a high opinion of chiropractors but desperate for help she went to the meeting. At the close of the session she spoke with the doctor about my suffering .  The doctor said to her these exact words , “ if your granddaughter has fibromyalgia at the age of 20 then she has been very ill for a very long time ! ” She was stunned as he knew nothing about  my health history. The lights went on and she thought “he gets it , “he actually gets it !!!!” This doctor is a wellness chiropractor who incorporates nutrition and food allergy testing into his practice . He ordered  food allergy/ sensitivity testing which was sent to various labs across the country which included samples of silvia , stool and blood. Surprisingly this testing had never been done by any doctor before. The test results revealed numerous food allergies in several groups .  Finally new hope arose as I followed his protocol covering diet and supplements . Gradually over the next few months as I began to feel improvement in my overall health for the first time in 22 years.

  This journey of mine awakened within me  a desire to learn as much as I could about wellness  through nutrition. Around this same time I took one year course from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Compelled to deepen my knowledge I decided to enroll in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition  because their protocol teaches the connections between client Symptoms and the affected body Systems. For example,  if you have frequent sinus infections , then there  is a connection between that infection and the Digestive and Immune systems .

Four years later I earned my diploma to become a registered holistic nutritionist.  I am also certified as an Eating psychology coach from the Institute of Psychology of Eating.  The education continues.

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See you soon for the  3rd full episode on Improving Your Immune Health. If you are ready to see if a holistic nutritionist can improve your Fibromyalgia go to where you can schedule a complimentary 20-minute call to explore your options. During this call, we will discuss your fibromyalgia journey, what your needs and challenges are and we will also talk about your next step. Thank you for tuning in today and join us next time as we explore ways to improve your Immune health.

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