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Amanda Elise Love

Have you been suffering from this malady of Fibromyalgia for years?

If so, you know the pain, fatigue, frustration and depression that it brings! Furthermore, no one in the medical field seems to have any answers to stop your suffering!

 Well, all that is going to change right here and now because I’m going to show you how to step out of the shadows and back into the sunlight of your former self. Just think about your perfect day and what it would look like for you if you could capture this day again! So if you are willing to join me here’s how we will do it together!

My Story


In the case of my fibromyalgia, I was directed to a variety of health care professionals. These included an acupuncturist, TMJ expert,pain specialist (excruciating), physical therapist, ENT doctor and Rheumatologist. None of these were able to help.

Finally, I was diagnosed by a wellness chiropractor who ordered the appropriate lab studies to help me with diet changes and supplements which began to change my life. This personal experience with fibromyalgia has given me the insight to feel your pain,feel your fatigue and feel your suffering.

I have survived this and have come out of the dark tunnel of fibromyalgia and know that you can too!

This long journey awakened within me the desire to study and specialize in Natural Holistic Nutrition where I found many of the solutions to defeat fibromyalgia once and for all! Now I have a diploma in this field from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition along with certifications from The Institute of Psychology of Eating and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.



About my Program

I created this program with the goal of educating people about their need to understand  and realize that there are actions that they can take to alter this condition and to believe in their hearts that this syndrome does not have to dominate their existence.

The Positive Benefits of my program you will experience are:

  1. An reservation of hope
  2. An reduction of pain
  3. An sense of well being
  4. A return to restorative sleep
  5. Improved energy /strength
  6. A reduction of bloating /gas
  7. Increased knowledge about beneficial supplements
  8.  Freedom to enjoy your family and friends again

My program is for you if you will make a commitment that is real. If you are unable to make this kind of commitment then this is not for you. I look at it as an adventure, a challenge and as a joy when I think of restoring wellness to all the sufferers of fibromyalgia. Most people who start this program usually see improvement in how they feel within a week or two . All I ask is that you spend 10 minutes a day with the program.

Amanda Elise Love

The Fibro Fix 30 Day Jump Start Program Includes:


1 Private Facebook Group

2. Name of Specific Supplements to build energy along with the correct dosage.

3. Checklist of foods to reduce or eliminate

4.Suggestions to improve sleep and reduce pain

5. 5 weeks of unlimited Email Support

6. Name of specific supplement to help with bloating /gas / why you should take it  and dosage

7. One easy way to start your morning on the right foot.

8.  Videos on various  topics every week in the group

9. Facebook lives to answer any questions

10. Bonus sugar series for 5 days along with sugar-free recipes


The Fibro Fix Jump Start 30 Day program is a short and easy program that will transform your life.

I’m sure you have tried over the counter medications and gone to numerous doctors to no avail. Now it’s time to find out what really works. Please join me on this path to recovery!


Love Note Testimonials

Jean - You are in the right place. I hope your experience with Amanda will be as helpful and positive as mine is. I went from walking with a cane, having little to no energy, not being all there - the inability to focus mentally, and other stuff. Since Dec. I am walking fine - no cane. I can walk outside 30 min. I have energy and focus. I still get a little tired and need to take it easy...but SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT. Woooooo-whoooo.


Michiko - Amanda has the gift of blessing people and saving lives


Hedi - Awesome for sharing your knowledge on this hard to cope with the disease.


Linda Thanks again for the first time to accept me as a friend from Namibia. So helpful! 


K.C. I have had sleep issues for many years! I have tried many prescription medications and over the counter sleep aids with marginal success. After my day's work and dinner, I would fall asleep for 2 hours in a chair then upon going to bed, I could not fall asleep again. Now  I take  Amanda's recommended sleep supplement and fall asleep almost immediately. Pretty amazing! Prescott Arizona




If you have questions you can email me at


Refund Policy - There will be no refund once the material is sent out." My program is digital, which means the content is sent to you so I cannot offer a refund. Thank you for your purchase.