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Hear Ye , Hear Ye  , For The Record ! 

Please hear this statement loud and clear!

There is No Cure For FMS at this point in time !!

More than a few of you have said to me “You should not tell people that there is a cure for FMS because there is no cure. 

It is also against the law to say that ” . 

These people have misconstrued what I say about that subject!

I have never said there is a cure for FMS !!

What I do know for a fact is that the symptoms of FMS can be made dormant to the point of where they do not consume you or ruin your life !!

It all depends on if you adjust your diet on a permanent basis and take the appropriate supplements long term. This is not something you can do by yourself but is possible if you access my knowledge and expertise in this area!

Many of you believe that I receive money from my podcasts. 

I have had  over 11,000 plays on my podcasts and  have not received any money from any sponsor. I  choose  not to have sponsors at this time.I only seek to educate you so it is possible to have a good life again.  

One more thing.  Last week several people corrected  me for saying there is a test for FMS. They all said there is no test for FMS. I talk about this test in Episode 24 “What is Fibromyalgia”? I do many hours of research for each episode. I do not post things that are not true. It is interesting to note that  all these people agreed before checking out this accuracy of my information.

So now let’s get to podcast episode 26. 

  My name is Amanda Elise Love and  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago which influenced my decision to enter the field of nutrition and now I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who works with those who are suffering from fibromyalgia.

 In this episode I’m going to tell you about a few of the comments which have been made by some of you to me. 

 One  woman said ,  “Well you think that you know more than my doctor , my rheumatologist and ophthalmologist ’’.

  My answer to that statement is a question. Have any of these conventional medicine physicians given you an outline or action plan designed to reduce the symptoms of FMS?  Are you in the same state of suffering that you were in a year ago ? Did your physician prescribe a pharmaceutical  drug like Cymbalta or Lyrica to help you ?  Has it helped you ? These physicians have little education in this area and due to the monumental amount of knowledge one must have to obtain their MD, it is absolutely impossible to be “Up “ on every syndrome  or disease  that exists.That is why doctors specialize in one area. 

The next thing I hear is  “what about a Rheumatologist” ? This speciality has not devised any plan of action unless you want to be on medications such as Cymbalta or Lyrica that may give you some unpleasant side effects and does not address the root cause. 

 However I have spent thousands of hours studying in this area and because I have this syndrome I’m able and qualified to help you with an individualized plan to address your specific needs.   

Now let me  say that until your physician orders blood , saliva and stool testing for food intolerances you will not be aware of the major role they play in FMS. If you do get this lab work done will your doctor know what to do with it ? They may recommend taking vitamin D-3 to increase energy levels because most people with FMS are low in D-3 .This may be the end of the recommendations though because they have no education in this area. A word here about food allergies . They are not the same as food intolerances. Food allergies result in a quick acute response to a specific food such as a peanut allergy. The person may develop shortness of breath , or a red itchy rash . Symptoms can be life threatening . 

   Food intolerances affect the GI tract causing inflammation and long term damage  to the tissues and over time produces syndromes like fibromyalgia and Celiac and Hashimotos . 

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  Now let’s return to some comments that I hear.  

   Recently, a client of mine told her doctor she was considering a gluten free diet. Her doctor remarked “ maybe you can go half way ’’! Now if you are gluten sensitive or intolerant to gluten in the bloodstream even one molecule of gluten can make you ill. This is true in Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s disease.  It is apparent that this doctor is well meaning but also not informed . 

   Remember , scientists report that 80 percent of the population has intolerances that they are not aware of . 

Not too long ago,  a woman posted she was “ill with Fibromaylgia for 25 years and I just found out that it was my diet all along” . 

The big question here is doesn’t that tell you something ? 

Along a similar vein of thinking is a comment made by a woman who said “ I already eat a very healthy diet so changing anything is not going to help me”, From me to you, loud and clear! Anyone who observes a well-balanced diet is to be praised! What this lady doesn’t know is that one or more of her food choices is likely to be making her ill because of food intolerance. Intolerances may also be a chemical preservative or an additive.   However, she has set her beliefs and will continue on this path which holds no answers for her. Very sad!

Another lady said “ I went gluten-free, and dairy-free for a while and It didn’t change anything”. For others who have tried this, please note.  It takes many months to eliminate gluten from the body. Even one molecule can set you back. This restriction from gluten might take many months and might be something you have to do long term. It is a common food allergen along with dairy. Also, there are other foods that can act as allergens such as soy and eggs.

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 I  hope this podcast episode has helped you with regard to the role of food choices and illness. By the way I talked a lot about food intolerances but I don’t recommend that you  try to ascertain these sensitivities by yourself.  For assistance with your FMS I offer a free phone call with me where we discuss your specific issues . 

The point of scheduling your 45 minute free phone call with me is for me to learn more about you and to see if we are the right fit to work together. This is a no pressure phone call.

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The plan I have created is the result of years of study and personal experience .It is individualized to your health concerns . 

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you ?

Are you tired all the time?

Do you struggle with pain?

Is sleeping well a problem for you? 

Are you able to have a job?

Are there days that you can’t get off the couch or out of bed ?

Do you enjoy visiting with family and friends or is it too draining for you ?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then schedule a free phone call with me as soon as possible.

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You can also send me a private message if you have any questions !!

I hope you have been inspired by this episode to take action and I’m here to help you improve your fibromyalgia symptoms. 

So don’t be afraid to reach out and I will be very grateful to speak to you!

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I will be coming to you soon with the 27 th  episode !

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