Dental hygiene should be a big priority in your health, but so many people neglect it, or only do the bare minimum. If you want to improve your dental care, but with a more natural approach, you might want to consider using coconut oil. This allows you to do coconut oil pulling, which takes getting used to, but has some amazing benefits.

The Potential Risks

Before going into the benefits and instructions on how to do oil pulling, you should first be aware of the potential risks and side effects. According to an article on UKsmiles, there are not a lot of risks involved, as you are using completely natural oil for oil pulling that isn’t going to harm you in any way. However, the main risk involved with this practice is when people assume all of their dental issues will be remedied with oil pulling. While it definitely has a lot of benefits, it is not going to be a miracle cure that keeps you from going to the dentist. You still need to brush and floss your teeth daily, watch your diet, and visit your dentist. If you don’t, your side effects are going to be a lot worse.

Tips For Oil Pulling

Now let’s talk about how you actually do oil pulling. This practice is essentially when you put pure oil in your mouth and swish with it, really working hard to push and pull between your teeth. You should use coconut oil instead of other types of oil as it helps to fight bacteria and is better for you in general. Use the raw, organic, natural coconut oil, not the cooking oil you find in the supermarket. Try to use it a few times a week at least. The main recommendation is to do oil pulling for 20 minutes a few days week, but this might not be possible for you. It is okay to start slow at around 5-10 minutes then gradually work your way up.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling

If you have been around the coconut oil forums and blogs, you probably already know about coconut oil pulling. What you may not know is what it is, what it does, and how you can benefit from the process. Basically, coconut oil pulling consists of taking a tablespoon of raw coconut oil and using it as a sort of mouthwash. You swish it in your mouth for around ten to twenty minutes and spit the mixture out. You can follow this with brushing, a demineralizing rinse, or just a warm water rinse if you would like. Here are the benefits you can receive from doing this oil pulling technique on a routine basis.

Removing Harmful Toxins

One of the leading benefits to using a coconut oil pulling routine for your oral care is the removal of harmful toxins. As you rinse your mouth with the oil, it will help to soften and break up plaque that can contain bacteria and toxins. These can cause the breakdown of enamel and tooth decay. The oil holds onto the toxins helping to remove them from your teeth and mouth. When you spit out the oil, you are also spitting out the toxins, food particles, and bacteria that was gathered by the oil during the pulling process.

Avoid Abrasive Pastes

If you need an option for teeth cleaning that avoids chemicals and abrasives then this is an ideal benefit for you from coconut oil pulling. With the oil pulling process all you need is the oil and a toothbrush to remove the residue. You do not need pastes, harsh abrasives, or microbead actions from various toothpaste options. All you need to whiten your teeth, keep the clean, and keep your gum health is the oil. Just make sure to gently brush away and rinse away any residue following the oil pulling process.

Teeth Whitening

A concern for many people is the shade of their teeth. You do not want yellow teeth and you may not be sure that you want to go with a harsh chemical, abrasive, or bleach to achieve the shade results you want from teeth whitening. Since the main aspect of oil pulling is that the oil pulls away the debris and harsh toxins from your teeth, it is also pulling away the very things that cause staining as well. This means that you are getting whitening over the course of a routine oil pulling schedule.

Improved Breath

Since you will be removing the bacteria and toxins from your mouth, it stands to reason you will be leaving behind a cleaner and fresher mouth as well. Keep in mind that it is the bacteria that causes the most issues with bad breath and issues with breath following eating and drinking. Oil pulling helps to reduce the amount of bacteria, which in turn increases the chances of fresher breath for longer periods of time.

All of these benefits are possible through routine oil pulling methods. You can do oil pulling daily or as you feel it is needed. Make sure you are using an oil that is pure. You want one that is organic, vegan to ensure it is in fact totally plant based, and non-GMO. This will ensure you are getting the full benefits and no processing fillers in the oil.

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