“Drink more water” – It’s a statement you probably hear constantly from doctors, health coaches, sports team coaches, advertisements, and even mom and dad. But how much water are you really supposed to drink and how can you make doing so a bit easier?

Frankly, water isn’t everyone’s first choice in beverages, but it should be. Water accounts for nearly 60% of your body composition and is essential for growth and regeneration of every cell in your body. Without proper hydration, your body won’t work properly. Proper hydration supports the following major health benefits:

Prevents dry mouth, lips, and throat
Keeps the body cool
Improves muscle and joint function
Helps you lose weight
As your body is cleansed with water, your body sheds waste which leaves you looking and feeling lighter.
Cleanses toxins from your body
Shedding toxins gives you more energy, improves mental health and functioning, and gives you better skin and hair. Bonus! You will glow!

Using certain fruits, herbs, and flowers takes the benefits of hydration to a whole new level. Infused water benefits include:

Heightened metabolism
Enhanced digestive functioning
Improved immune system functioning (recuperate faster from illness and workouts
Additional energy boosts and mood enhancements

So how much should you drink? Half your body weight in ounces. You read that right.

It’s no secret that it’s difficult for many people to drink the necessary amount of water because it can be boring at times. It isn’t as sexy as drinking a glass of wine and it doesn’t have the flavor a soda or sugary drink offers. And yes, while fizzy drinks are fun, it is so important that we limit the amount of sugars and artificial ingredients we put into our bodies. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make your water more interesting, flavorful, and packed full of health benefits. Still not a believer? Read on!

My favorite way to spice up my water intake is with fruit-infused water! Fruit-infused water is a great alternative to its soda counterparts while still being FUN. The main difference is, fruit-infused water is going to leave you feeling fresh and most importantly—HYDRATED! Almost every top massage and spa place I have been to serves fruit, herb, and flower-infused water.

Can’t wait to get started? Try this delicious and refreshing recipe! It’s one of my favorites!
Detox Watermelon Recipe
32 ounces of water
4 cubes fresh watermelon
6 leaves cilantro (cilantro helps with detoxification)
In a 1-liter pitcher, place the fruit and cilantro at the bottom and add water until full. Cover the top of the pitcher and let sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to let the fruit seep into the water. The mixture should keep for two days.

The following are some other combination recommendations:
Orange, lemon, and ginger (improves immune system and blood circulation)
Cucumber, raspberry, and grape (beats inflammation)
Rhubarb, apple, and cinnamon (amplifies metabolism)
Strawberry and lime (boosts anti-aging)
Pineapple and mint (supports digestive system)

Need more support? Love what you see? Want to learn how to have more energy and how to take your health up a notch? I can help!

from Amanda Love


  1. Marie Content on April 5, 2019 at 9:29 PM

    I am definitely going to try these recipes. I honestly do need more water in my life.

    • Amanda Love on April 12, 2019 at 7:08 AM

      I hope you enjoy them . Thanks for commenting on the blog.

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