If you are on a mission to have the healthiest year yet, it all starts with vitamins and minerals, and having a good balance of nutrients. Green juice is an easy way to fit in a lot of veggies and fruits, with a super convenient and mobile drink. Here are some tips for making a delicious and nutritious green juice.

Why Green Juice?

To start with, it helps to understand why you want to make green juice. This can help to motivate you to keep improving the nutrients that go into each juice. Some of the benefits include:

Support Your Metabolism

One of the major benchmarks of a good green juice will be that it has the ability to support your metabolic functions. Fruit like strawberries and apricots are great for stimulating the metabolism. When your metabolism is being kicked into gear, these fruits are also delivering healthy amounts of vitamins to your body. Strawberries are also high in antioxidants that help to fight unhealthy types of fat formations, and protect against oxidative stressed that come from around you in your environment.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Another important part of eating food, is knowing how it can affect your blood sugar. Vegetables that help you to be able to regulate your blood sugar help protect the body from damage that results from blood sugar spikes. During these spikes, the body isn’t operating on an efficient level, and can burn out some cells. Fruit like cherries, or vegetables like kale, chard, and spinach can be a major line of defense in keeping you from blood sugar spikes.

Gain Energy for An Active Day

Everyone knows that eating good food should make you feel energized and ready for the day. Selecting the best fruits and vegetables for that can simply be left to your tastes on each day, as long as you remember that you shouldn’t eat the same vegetables every day due to the possibility of a natural toxin build up.

Stimulates Removal of Wastes

One of the last things that should be on every health list of how food affects you should include a section on whether or not the food encourages proper elimination. The excretion of waste matter is a major part of having a clan, healthy body. This means high fiber fruits and vegetables that contain heavy concentrations of soluble fibers like pectin that can help the body get rid of cholesterol and minute amounts natural poisons.

Tips for Putting a Healthy Juice Together

Green juice is a great way to get the many of the important body repairing nutrients. If you’ve looked into what it takes to make a really nutritious or medicinal green juice drink, then you’re probably aware that many of these drinks require some pretty bitter ingredients. When you add a strong-tasting vegetable to the mix, the flavor will take on a bitter or intense flavor that might have you wrinkling your nose in apprehension, but there are ways to change that. The purpose of this article is to show you a few fruits to help sweeten your green juice.

Apples for Sweetness

Apples are essentially one of the world’s most known and recognizable fruits. They are high in nutritional content and important agents that help reduce the risk of a wide variety of diseases. Pectin and other agents in apples give them the ability to help rid the body of toxins, as well as carry wastes to disposal sites in the body. They are a great source of sweetness that will add a comfortable and familiar flavor to any type of drink you choose, and they are particularly good at helping to mellow out the taste of bitter vegetables like kale.

Blueberries for Antioxidants

These tiny blue fruits are extremely high in antioxidants. That makes them great for helping your body to fight off diseases like cancer which can result from genetic damage done by the reproduction of faulty cells in your body. They are high in vitamin content, and they are a little sweeter than apples. Blueberries are excellent additions to any drink, and they can be kept for longer periods when frozen. Crushed frozen blueberries can also make a great dessert for the entire family!

Mango for Interest

This orange colored fruit is probably the sweetest fruit on this list. Mangos are well known for their bold and exciting flavor, and they are often used in sweet dessert dishes. Mango has gained quite a name for itself as its popularity grew from becoming more available. They are now associated heavily with improved digestion, better eyesight, and its ability to help fight the formation of cancer cells.

Grapes for Variety

Grapes are likely to be the most popular and well-known berry in the world. This is partially due to its use in wine production for much of human history, but grapes can shine even before they are turned into a carefully crafted ancient alcoholic beverage. Grapes are sweet, with multiple varieties providing a host of benefits to the digestive system.

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