When you look up the health benefits of coconut, especially with coconut oil, you probably find benefits related to your external health. This is often recommended for improving your hair, cleaning your scalp, and taking good care of your skin. However, it can also help a lot when you are consuming it, including coconut milk, water, and oil.

Here are some things to know about the health benefits of adding more coconut to your diet.

Improve Your Heart Health

It Raises The Good Cholesterol

HDL is the “good” cholesterol in your blood stream. Coconut oil has the ability to raise the HDL in your blood to higher levels. It should be noted that it has the potential to raise the LDL, also known as the “bad” cholesterol as well, but this is only common when the oil is used to replace healthy unsaturated fats. Using it to replace less desirable oils such as trans-fats can see a measurable decrease in LDL.

You Can Burn More Calories

Another interesting thing about coconut oil, is that it may help with burning calories. Research has proven that the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil require more energy to break down. This leads to the consumption of more calories which can lead to weight loss. This is not the kind of weight loss that leads to drastic change, but it can be an aid to a healthy exercise routine.

Heal Your Skin Issues

Coconut is also great for your skin! Here are some benefits for your skin and anti-aging:

Cracked Skin

Coconut oil can not only be used to help with basic dry skin, but also on skin that is severely cracked and in need of healing. Since coconut oil is completely natural, it should be safe to use on your cracked skin, such as on the heels of your feet, your elbows, or your hands. You should try it on a small area first to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions to it. Also make sure you are only using the virgin, organic type of coconut oil as preservatives or additives might cause the cracked skin to burn.

For cracked skin, you just need to warm up some coconut oil, then rub it on your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. You can then choose whether you want to rinse it off or not, though it isn’t required.

Cold Sores

If you are someone that gets cold sores often, you will be happy to know that coconut oil can help with them! Not only is it easier to get and keep at home for a lot of different purposes, but it can help save money as well. Plus, you are using a more natural remedy for the cold sores than what is sold at your local drug store. Since coconut oil is natural, it can actually speed up the healing process of the cold sore, and reduce scarring once it is gone. Just apply the oil directly to the cold sore; you don’t need to rinse it off.


One of the skin conditions that coconut oil can help with is acne. This is something not many people realize, and think is bad for acne since it is a type of oil. However, this is not your typical cooking oil and won’t actually make your skin oily. There are properties in coconut oil that can kill bacteria leading to your breakouts. You want to first open the pores by steaming the face, then apply some melted coconut oil and leave it on for just a few minutes. Rinse it off with cool or lukewarm water and leave your skin alone overnight.

Reduce Inflammation

If you have a medical condition that causes inflammation, you might be struggling with that inflammation being a little too severe. There are some circumstances where inflammation can actually be a good thing, such as when it helps to protect damaged tissue following a trauma. However, when the inflammation begins building, it causes pain, swelling, redness, and other unfavorable side effects.

Luckily, there are some natural remedies that can help reduce inflammation, with one of them being coconut oil. As with all other healing uses for coconut oil, you should consult your doctor before use and make sure you get the unprocessed, organic, virgin form of coconut oil.

How Coconut Oil Helps

There are a few different ways that coconut oil can help with your inflammation. The first and main reason is due to the special fatty acids in coconut oil. This includes lauric acid, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This means when you consume more coconut oil, it can help you to get those anti-inflammatory properties and further help to reduce inflammation in the body. While this might not work quite as well as your other anti-inflammatory medications, it is definitely worth looking into.

The other way coconut oil helps with inflammationis by reducing swelling and redness when applied to the affected areasof the body. This helps more with conditions like arthritis that caue pain and swelling of certian joints. You can rub the coconut oil directly on the area being affected and get almost instant relief.

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