Fibromyalgia and the Link to Leaky Gut

Fibromyalgia is a maze ! !! A syndrome filled with a maze of symptoms commonly including unrelenting pain , pressing fatigue ,very poor sleep and headaches to just list a few .

  Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is not easy to diagnose and even harder for medical professionals to design a protocol that will reserve the symptoms of this malady . So let’s look at this maze and tackle one aspect of this syndrome in an action that will begin the process of reverse this syndrome.

Researchers now know that fibromyalgia is closely involved with a dysfunction of the immune system . Strange as it seems the strength of our immune system is dependent upon the health of our gut . If our  gut is compromised by an immune response to a food sensitivity or allergy an inflammatory process begins resulting in a leaky gut .

Leaky Gut Syndrome or interstitial permeability results in poor digestion . This condition affects the lining of the small intestine which becomes inflamed and irritated leaking undigested proteins into the bloodstream . This continual  leaking produces an allergic response which results in an immune reaction.

  Due  to this inflammatory condition many nutrients are unable to be absorbed . This lack of nutrients contributes to fatigue , pain. poor immune function and even insomnia .Suffering from these symptoms is deeply discouraging . However ,  there are steps we can take to reverse these symptoms. This starts with repairing the leaky gut through several actions :Please be aware of the importance of each step and that each of these steps must be observed in the repair of the intestine .

      1.Take a digestive enzyme with each meal.

  1. Take a high quality probiotic every day

      3.. Avoid these foods : Gluten , sugar and dairy

For illustrations of this syndrome refer to leaky gut online .


  1. Tina on August 14, 2018 at 6:04 AM

    I’ve had painful stomach issues my entire life – literally. A large part of my problem is that my colon doesn’t work, as in, it doesn’t contract to push anything through. I have yet to find anything that helps. Digestive enzymes sound interesting, are they available at most drug stores? Do you have any other suggestions for a ‘lazy’ colon? Thanks for the post, good information.

    • Amanda Love on August 16, 2018 at 5:18 AM

      These enzymes may be help for you . It is definitely worth a try .Also take these as directed for several months , Pancreatin, Lipase , Amylase , and Protease . These will aid in digestion in amino acids, carbs and fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K. All very important for digestion and absorption of proteins and other nutrients. Also , these enzymes need co-enzymes to work well so take vitamins B-complex , C. E and Zinc . A multivitamin containing these would be fine. Please keep in touch on how you are doing.

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