When you switch to a diet like Paleo, one of the biggest struggles is knowing what to eat. This is especially challenging if you have a busy lifestyle, and are accustomed to just grabbing a snack as you hit the road. The following meal and snack ideas are Paleo-friendly and easy to prepare ahead of time.

Make-Ahead Chips with Veggies

The first type of snack you can make that will be really easy as a grab-and-go Paleo snack is veggie chips. The great thing about these is that you can use veggies that are in season during the spring, not really worrying about what they are. Most vegetables, especially root vegetables, work good as veggie chips. You might not be able to find squash that are in season, but what about carrots? These tend to flourish in the spring and summer, and can be sliced into chip-size pieces, baked, and make into chips you can carry with you. These are a lot more enjoyable to munch on than just carrot sticks.

Simple Muffins

You will find quite a few different muffin recipes that are Paleo-approved since they use natural and simple ingredients. Muffins are great because you can make a big batch beforehand, then save them in the fridge or freezer and just grab one at a time as needed.
Even if you get a frozen muffin on your way out the door, as long as it is kept out in room temperature, it will be thawed by your morning or afternoon snack time. For the spring, strawberry muffins are an excellent option. These are often made with strawberries, coconut oil, almond flour, baking soda, salt, ghee, vanilla extract, and honey. All natural and healthy ingredients.

Easy Grab-and-Go Paleo Snacks
Just because you live a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t stick to the Paleo diet in the spring or any other season throughout the year. These grab-and-go snacks utilize ingredients found in the spring, but can really be enjoyed year-round.
If you’re looking for something you can grab at home or get in a local convenience store, try these types of foods:
Packages of nuts or seeds
Caveman or Epic brand snacks
Beef jerky
Almond butter packs

Start Paleo in the Spring
An excellent reason to start your new Paleo diet in the spring is the fact that summer is right around the corner! If you want to work on your body and health before swimsuit season, then starting in spring is ideal. This gives you a few months before spring begins to work on your body and feel completely confident by the time you are ready to shop for the perfect swimsuit. Plus, Paleo makes you feel great, so your confidence helps you get that glowy skin everyone wants during this time of year.
Tons of Fruits and Veggies Are in Season
Spring is the time when a lot of new fruits and vegetables are in season. These provide tasty dishes for your Paleo meals and snacks, and will give you lots of options to choose from. Shopping in-season produce not only allows you to have the freshest and highest quality produce possible, but it also helps to lower that food budget a little bit. If you shop in-season produce, you can even find it at local farms and farmer’s markets to save even more and support your local communities at the same time. Some in-season produce in the spring include:
• Strawberries
• Asparagus
• Peaches and Apricots
• Avocadoes
• Rhubarb
• Onions
• Leafy Greens
You Can Garden For Your Own Food
Also don’t forget that a lot of people want to garden in the spring, as it helps get your produce and herbs ready for the rest of the year. Starting a Paleo diet at this time will encourage you to start gardening and growing your own food, helping to save money and have fresh veggies and herbs on hand at all times. Many of the herbs, fruits, and veggies can also be grown indoors or in containers, so you don’t need a big yard to do this!
More Tips for Sticking to Your Paleo Diet
If you are in need of a few more tips, here are some to get you started:
Have meals ready in the freezer – This is a great way to make dinner as easy as possible, without thinking too much about it.
Meal prep and plan a week ahead of time – Start the habit of prepping and preparing meals the weekend before your busy week begins. It will be a huge life saver!
Know what restaurants have Paleo-approved meals – Some restaurants now have a low-carb or clean section, which shows you more Paleo meals you can choose from.

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