Hello My Fibromyalgia Community,   

My name is Amanda Elise Love and I’m a registered holistic nutritionist who works with those with Fibromyalgia . As I know your plight of not finding answers, the answers you so desperately seek. I personally was diagnosed with it over 10 years ago.  That is why it is my mission to work with 156 people with fibromyalgia this year to  get back to enjoying your life again through lifestyle changes ,supplements, food choices and mindset . I hope you want that too this year. 

In the last episode 44 looking back to your 2020 to move forward in 2021 . I give you several questions to think about .  I suggest listening to that episode right now and coming back to this episode . If you have listened to that episode you are in a great place for this episode ! 

This episode has questions to work on just like last episode ! 

I’m always talking about taking action with these  podcast episodes, not just listening ! This episode is no different. When you take action you get more out of the episode then if you just listen.

Like many years you might have started 2020 of being very committed to your goals but fell off the wagon ! Which is totally fine ! Give yourself some grace ! Maybe it was to eat healthier, have less sugar , more veggies , ect . Or take control of your fibro symptoms ! 

This is the time where you can say 2020 is over ! Say it out aloud ! 2020 is over ! What a relief ! Good riddance ! There is something about saying it out aloud ! Say to yourself It is time to refocus on Myself this year ! 

We all had new challenges last year ! Maybe it was kids at home or working from home or something else ! 

But this year ! I want you to have a plan ! Give yourself the grace to change the plan throughout the year ! Remember it is not set in stone. The plan is for you to have a life with less pain, better sleep and more.

 Lot of time we say to oversleeves. I have tried everything ! But ask yourself did you really put your full effort into that goal ? Or did you quit too soon ?  Many times we set a goal to big or to many goals! I want you to set a big goal that will help your smaller goals which is called a ripple effect ! You might feel like fibro gets in the way with pain and fatigue! That is the time to make adjustments . Even 10 percent of working on yourself is better than nothing! Slow and steady adds up over the year . 

I talked about in the last episode what you should do to review the year ! I want you to review the questions from the last episode ! 

  1. What didn’t go well ?
  2. Is there something you should have said no to ?
  3. Is there something that you wished you did more of but didn’t ?
  4. What went well ?
  5. What do you want to say yes to ?
  6. Who do you want to be ?
  7. Is there a word, scripture or phrase that you want to describe this year ?
  8. This time next year what do you want to be celebrating ?\

These questions are great  but we now need to create a plan to get where we want to go in life ! I hope yours is not to struggle with fibro symptoms. 

I mentioned a few minutes ago picking one big goal that will help with other goals ! 

Example- My private clients work with me !

Quality sleep , Food Choices , More Energy 

I will use myself as an example. My health goal is to cut out sugar for at least 1 month !

I want you to think about the big thing that is going to make a huge difference in my life !  

It really does come down to mindset . You can say I’m not into eating better  to help with your fibro ! That might be elimination diet cutting out all the foods that you might have problems with ! You feel that it is too restrictive ! Which I would never recommend doing on your own! I don’t recommend it for my fibro clients in the beagining. 

Brief story before I cut out gluten , soy , eggs and dairy . I used to have eggs and whole wheat toast every day before I found out that I had sensitivities to them . When I found out I had the mindset that it was going to do whatever it takes to feel well . Even if I couldn’t have those foods again.   I have no daily headaches, have more energy and more! Benefits outweigh not eating those foods. 

Think of it this way when you eat food that is good for you ! Say this to yourself I’m fueling my body with the right nutrients to do what I want in my life! This food is going to affect me in a good way or bad way with my sleep , energy  ,hormones,headaches or something. 

Change your mindset to the positives of your goal, not what you have to give up. 

You probably know of someone who you want to be ! I never want you to compare yourself to others but think about why that person inspires you ! I want you to think of someone who is already doing the goal you want to do . Maybe it’s me ! You see me doing my podcast , podcast guests , facebook lives working with clients ect. 

You think you want my energy and stamina to do your life ! Like I said early on in this episode slow and steady wins the race! I didn’t start with all those things ! My podcast will hit 2 years in May 2021. Podcast guests were added last year. So far this year I wrote my first magazine article out this spring! 2 days later when this episode comes out I’m recording a webinar on getting restorative sleep with Natural Grocers. That will come out in March for you to watch ! It takes time you have to realize to get where you want to go. I was diagnosed with fibro 10 years ago ! I work on my health behind the scenes like eating right , getting enough sleep , exercise and self care . So I  can do all these things to help you all ! I make my health a priority and you should too!

I hope while I was sharing about me you have thought of that person ! Ask them what they do ! Using the example of cooking healthy meals ! This is where you are thinking about what they have that you don’t . 

Do they have a favorite cookbook ? Do they take each week to look at their schedule ? Do they schedule out finding recipes , going to the store ,cooking , batch cooking . Support if they can’t cook that night. Maybe they have hired a nutritionist like me to help them figure out all of this ! 

I hope you are seeing where you are today and where you want to go to reach your goals ! 

I hope you are seeing the differences. 

The next step is to write out the next steps to reach your goals . So you can move forward on accomplishing that goal.  

I mentioned the example of eating healthy but now I’m going to use myself!

For me my goal is to cut out sugar ! 

This helps my other goals of building up my immune system ! Get my hormones in control – so I don’t deal with cravings ,one major headache month ,mood swings breakouts and more energy especially at that time of month.

So What are my steps ? 

  1. Order sugar free cookbook to get recipes ideas 
  2. As of this recording there is a free sugar summit . Different speakers! Listen to a few of those lectures .Its twice a year . I will put it in the show notes. 
  3. Once I get the cookbook ! Take time to read it
  4. Make list for the store 
  5. Shop 
  6. Then follow through with eating on plan. 

As you can see I’m making a commitment to my health ! Even though I’m busy ! Ask yourself if you are not ? Why can’t you ? 

Ask yourself Do I really want this goal ? I’m setting . Not something you think you should set or someone else want . Example – Getting better from fibro. 

If you are thinking, is it the right time ? If it is health related yes it is ! Life is not ever going to slow down . It’s all about what you want to make  a priority. 

Ask yourself, do I have the things I need ? Mine is getting that cookbook. 

You need to know if you set the same goals year after year. Maybe you need to work on your mindset. Think about the emotional and physical blocks .This is where working with me can help . As I can help you strategize what you want and where you want to to go! This is magic ! Especially if you can’t follow through, or are stuck , frustrated or don’t know where to start.

Now we need to think about when we set goals . What is the cost ? I’m not just talking about money. 

If you find yourself not focused on your health and improving your fibro symptoms . So you can live the life you want to live ! The question you have to ask yourself is why ? 

So sit down and write your why you are not doing it  ! 

Is it paying for something out of pocket ? Paying for supplements ? Hiring an expert that can help you ? 

What would those things cost you if you don’t do them ?  That means doing absolutely nothing . What will happen in 5 years ? 

Your shell of your former self 

You can’t enjoy your children’s childhood. 

You can’t enjoy your grandkids.

Maybe you are hanging on by string with your job! If you keep progressing . You’re going to have to quit . With no income ! You can lose your car or house! 

This should be your driving force of why you want to improve your fibro.

I want you to sit with those costs. 

What will it cost to fix it

Cost not to fix it . 

Then decide ! It  cost me more to fix then not ! I’m choosing to not fix this ! That is totally your choice ! So don’t complain if you are willing not to focus on it ! Make it priority . 

Its choice you are making ! Not by accident! Where in life you can relocate , money, time and sources. 

If time is an issue which I hear a lot – ! Where can I cut things out ! Social media /less tv – spend that time focus on your health. 

You might look at your budget Talk to your family ! It might be a priority to put food on the table then hiring me ! That’s fine. But I do have different services that are different prices from programs to one on one services. 

Do you have things you can cut out for a few months to use for my services such as netflix , cable tv starbucks . Maybe those things should be instead allocated to getting better. 

Remember I only want to focus on one goal and break down to where you want to be in 12 months . You don’t have to bet there tomorrow ! Just take small action steps each day !

I’m slowly moving toward my goals. When I was first diagnosed with fibro I wasn’t doing much of anything but I was focused on my health and education and I kept going in my life ! You need to keep going !

You can’t do it on your own. You need someone who knows what you don’t know ! Who has done it before ! Do it the best way possible ! Who can keep you accountable to your goals !Who has done their research !

Don’t be afraid to ask for help ! If it’s me or someone else !

Think of 2021 the year ! You are going to make your health a priority ! Your health can be in a different place in 12 months. 

I’m never saying no to pain, fatigue , sleep issues,etc but you always can make an improvement with your health ! I don’t struggle with those ! I don’t want you either! I believe you all who listen to this podcast want to get better. You just don’t know how ? Along with the fact you need to ask yourself are making your health a priority?This episode is not too sugar coat anything. This episode is your kick in the pants. From Me ! I hope you appreciate it ! Do you want the help ? To take back your health ! 

Right after this episode schedule your free 30 minute phone call for this week ! So we can discuss your fibromyalgia journey , what your needs and challenges are and we will also talk about your next step with getting well. 

This is only for those who are serious about wanting the help ! The balls in your court . Your health is more in your hands than you think ! I hope this episode made you really think what your priorities are ! That was eye opening . 

Next week’s episode is called “Reach Your Goals Faster With Accountability “.

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