My name is Amanda Elise Love and I’m a registered holistic nutritionist who works with those with Fibromyalgia. As I know your plight of not finding answers, the answers you so desperately seek. I personally was diagnosed with it over 10 years ago.  That is why it is my mission to work with 156 people with fibromyalgia to get back to enjoying your life again through lifestyle changes, supplements, food choices, and mindset. I hope you want that too this year. 

So, It’s the new year and the celebrations are done! Things might have slowed down. You are starting to think about what I should be focusing on in the new year. Where do I even start?

Before we focus on what you should be doing to help yourself with your fibromyalgia journey. 

You need to take a look back at 2020 which might not be the easy thing for you to do! It sure is not for me but to know where we want to go in life we need to take the time to do this!

This will help you with next week’s episode ! 

I hope you have your favorite journal and pen. With your favorite beverage hot or cold depending on where you are in the world. 

You can do this episode in a couple of different ways. Depending on how you learn! You can listen to this episode without answering the questions. Then listen to it again and write in your journal what your answers are and pause throughout the episode with I mention the questions

Or you can write the questions down and after the episode is overspent time just free-flowing with writing down your answers. Don’t overthink your answers. Set a timer so you are not working on it for a long time

I also suggest getting your planner /Calendar out from last year. As we know with fibro you might have brain fog which of course means you have forgotten a lot of stuff that has happened! This way it reminds you what worked and what didn’t. 

So I’m going to tell you the questions ! There are 8 questions!

  1. What didn’t go well?
  2. Is there something you should have said no to?
  3. Is there something that you wished you did more of but didn’t?
  4. What went well?
  5. What do you want to say yes to?
  6. Who do you want to be?
  7. Is there a word, scripture, or phrase that you want to describe this year?
  8. This time next year what do you want to be celebrating?

I want you to really write down the answers and not just think about them! There is something to writing something down along with visualizing it.  

First question -What didn’t go well ? 

Here are a few ideas that you might be thinking that you wanted to improve but didn’t happen!! 

Less pain

Restorative Sleep 

More energy 

Less brain fog 

Less sickness 

Less sugar/No sugar

Instead of doing it the natural way. You did it through the medications which didn’t help! One helpful hint I tell my private clients is that you should keep a notebook and write down when you start that medication. If you have already been on it for a while, get your records from your doctor. 

Make sure to keep track of your symptoms before the medication and when you are on the medication. Remember medications can have a lot of side effects. Go to the website to check out side effects of medications  is  I typed in Cymbalta (common drug with Fibromyalgia )  and it has overview , side effects,dosage ,FAQ ,Professional , Tips and Interactions. It is definitely a site I recommend checking out ! 

2nd question Is there something you should have said no to?

As I find with my fibromyalgia community is that you all like to over commit yourself to doing everything ! That your health is put on the back burner as you push through the pain, fatigue and more !  

For example – maybe you love to cook for your family all the meals ! Good thing to do is get them involved or teach them to cook . So on your worst days, they can do the cooking ! Batch cooking with what I teach my private clients is also great for those bad days. As all you have to do is reheat the food. 

3rd question Is there something that you wished you did more of but didn’t? 

Maybe when lockdown started you were ordering the groceries to your doorstep! But after a while, you were not doing it. Maybe you think I don’t have an excuse to not go out and get my groceries. Or maybe the cost to have it delivered was more than you wanted to pay for. 

Maybe you want to start doing it again because it helped ! Not having to go to the store and putting it all away ! As when you would go to the store it would whip you out for days. This saves you some of that.

Fourth question -What went well ? 

You were less busy as you had an excuse to not say yes to everything that came your way because of the virus. Maybe you spent more time taking care of yourself and your health was a little better. You felt less stress and guilt because everyone was staying at home. 

Think about what worked as everything starts to open up again. Maybe you want to commit to doing the things that worked well in 2020 that you start to incorporate into your daily life. 

5th question: What do you want to say yes to? 

Maybe it is saying no to other things. Maybe less tv or less social media . Using that time to get the help you need to improve your fibromyalgia! Or at least committing to listening to my podcasts each week and applying the action tips.

6th question Who do you want to be? This can be different for all of us ! 

For me personally, I want you to all know that I’m a caring person who wants you to all feel better from your fibromyalgia symptoms. I do know that comes across as you guys send me private messages that you believe I really do care. 

7th question: is there a word, scripture, or phrase that you want to describe this year?

This has become a big thing in the last few years especially with picking one word each January that will describe that year. That one word should encompass more than one feeling or think and be applicable to most aspects of life. It’s a great exercise to perform. I recommend putting it on a sticky note to remind you throughout the year? 

You can also do this with the phrase or scripture. You don’t have to do all three. Pick the one that is best for you

Last question – This time next year what do you want to be celebrating ? 

Maybe you are sleeping through the night or not waking up feeling like a truck has hit you! 

Maybe you are in less pain ! 

You have less IBS Symptoms! 

More energy! 

Or better health!

Which in turn means you are able to really be there for your family and friends. You are able to enjoy your life again. 

In next week’s episode, we are going to talk about the how but if you don’t want to do this alone this year. Then I have private coaching along with group programs! 

But the first step is signing up for a free 30-minute short phone call . During this call, we will discuss your fibromyalgia journey, what your needs and challenges are and we will also talk about your next step with getting well. 

Which you can do on my website

I would love to help you this year! 

Don’t forget to tune in to next week’s episode On How to Make 2021 Your Best Health Year yet. 

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