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As I was thinking about what the first episode should be for 2021. This idea came to me out of the blue that I should talk about 31 lessons in my 31 years. Something about me that you don’t know is  that I’m constantly coming up with ideas sometime at the worst time when I should be falling asleep ! It’s great for you, not so much for me ! 

2020  was a crappy year for me and for many of you so I thought this could be a fun episode to start off with ! I can be pretty serious on this podcast so this year I’m going to do more fun episodes because living with fibromyalgia especially if you haven’t found answers is not fun ! This is what I work on with my clients so they can feel better.   I will continue to bring you educational episodes by me ! Along with more health experts! 

For those who are listening the day it comes out it’s two days before my birthday which is  (January 5) No matter when you listen to this episode  thank you for listening ! I really appreciate it ! 

Most of you know who I am but if you don’t know my name is Amanda Elise Love I work with those with fibromyalgia as a registered holistic nutritionist. 

So let’s talk about today’s topic :

I will be starting from 31 and counting down to Number One ! No particular order !  Some of these will be related to fibromyalgia ! 

31. It’s totally ok to make mistakes in your lifetime ! Mistakes and failures are there to teach us ! The goal is to learn from them ! Example : I hire a business coach in late 2018 for a year long mastermind for all of 2019. It was great at first but eventually I wasn’t getting the results I wanted ! I stayed with it longer then I should because when I commit to something I like to follow through on it 100 percent. So I end up dropping out of the program 9 months in ! Which brings me to lesson 30 ! 

29 . It’s ok to quit something if it is not working out ! 

In life we stick with things for too long ! So if you are doing something that doesn’t make you happy ! Or is not working out like me (with a business coach ). It’s ok to quit especially if you gave 100 percent to it . 

28. Continue to Learn That can mean reading books , taking courses ,listening to podcasts or ect. I continue to do this every year especially in the health area. 

27. We are stronger and more resilient than we think we are ! The big thing about me is that if something happens that is not the greatest . I keep going and I heard this from my aunt all the time that she has never met  someone who can keep getting knocked down . Is still motivated to keep going . I’m pretty strong and resilient in my life because I know I have great purpose in my life. 

26 . Don’t Punish Your Body with Exercise ! Example the summer before 12 grade I was doing tons of cardio and lost weight for senior year . I got down to 118 which is not skinny as I’m short at just under 5’3. Which is not something  I could keep up with by the end of the year I was at 132 . 11 years later I’m at 124 and the only reason I tell you that is because you are probably wondering ! Weight  to me is just a number.  To me it’s more important that you can have a life again with your fibromyalgia ! I’m not obsessed with exercise to lose weight . I do it because I love it and it is a great way for me to help with stress among other things  !  I do about an hour 6 days a week with one day off.  Stick to an amount that is reasonable for you and is not over the top ! If you need help with this that is something I work on with my clients.

25.  Medical doctors are not there to get to the root cause of why you are sick ! They have very little to no nutrition knowledge ! If you want to get well and not be on medications you have to find people who can work with you in a different way ! I talk about my journey in episode 2  and episode 31 about this ! Great episodes if you haven’t heard them !

24 . Your health is a journey that you will always be on ! Which means to me is that you are not going to get to your final destination ! But that is fine as long as you can have a life again !  

23 . Mindset  – Working on your mindset will pay dividends! We all have things that have us stuck in life ! In the book – The Magic of Thinking Big By David Schwartz P.h. D . He talks about 4 things  that are Excuses –  1. Health Excuses , 2. You  gotta have brains to succeed. 3. It’s no use if I’m  too old or too young. 4. My case is different. I attract bad luck ! He talks about it in greater detail in this book. 

Mindset is also  something I focus on with my clients. I find that you can tell people recommendations but then they don’t follow through .There is a reason why ! It is a big reason why I took a 8 month course on the psychology of eating back in 2016  so I can help you all with this .

22. Don’t play the victim with your Fibromyalgia ! This might be hard to hear but at some point you can’t just complain (if that is you ) this might not be a community for you ! You have to take action to feel better .I also don’t mean staying silent as you suffer !  If you don’t know how to do it 21 I will talk about it ! 

21. Hire Someone to Help You with Your health (like me )  – I personally had to find people to help me improve my health along with my nutrition education ! You have to realize that nutrition is a complex subject and hiring someone that has been there and helps others with it is great. Because I have been there and I know where you can go. Along with holding you accountable to those health goals. 

20 . Do things that scare the shit out of you ! I told a new friend this last month and I do this lot and it shocks / surprises my family . Just so you know I’m not an extrovert but I don’t think of myself as invert. Both him and I agree that you have to do things out of your comfort zone to grow as a person.  Example : I did this last year while being a guest on others podcasts ! If you know me I like to be prepared ! With being a guest you don’t always know questions they are going to ask ! Now I have been on 41 podcasts and it doesn’t scare me ! It’s actually one of my favorite things to do !  I will continue to do this in 2021. 

19 . This next one I’m working on ! When you want something and you ask for it ! You will more likely get it ! If it is no that is ok ! At least you ask ! You don’t waste any more time thinking about it if you haven’t asked. Don’t be afraid ! 

18.Batch Cook -At least once a week! I do enjoy cooking but I don’t want to do it everyday ! Batch cooking saves me a lot of time in the kitchen ! Especially helpful when you have a busy day !

17. Don’t overthink things ! I know this is hard ! I struggle with this one so you are not alone !

16. Take Time off ! At least one day a week ! This can mean social media . Whatever this means for you to recharge for the rest of the week! This is a big one that I’m working on in 2021.

15. Get out in Nature as much as possible ! It’s great to discount everything .  1 Great way to think and I promise you you will come back even more motivated and more creative to get things done. 

14. Don’t take the small things for granted. I couldn’t even take a shower without being in excruciating pain and feeling exhausted afterwards 9 years ago. I couldn’t run errands or go to church because it was just too much ! Now I do those things without any worry ! I help my client get back to doing these small meaningful things. 

13.Learn from your hard season of life !  My season of fibromyalgia and getting diagnosed and going from doctor to doctor in my early 20’s was hard as can be . This season of life is different from dealing with grief. 

12. Pursue a greater purpose ! My purpose is to help 156 people this year  with Fibromyalgia get back to having a life again.  Here is a quote to think about –  Have a really strong why – know what you are on a mission to do and think deeply about why this message is important to communicate. Nanette hctchock 

11. Don’t be afraid to stand out ! 

10 . Laugh often ! Have people or tv shows that make you laugh ! The last tv show that made me laugh was The Umbrella Academy. 

9 . Celebrate Your Wins ! Lot of times we set a goal and we reach that goal but we don’t celebrate it.  We just move on to the next goal ! I’m guilty of this! Buy something that you have been wanting or going out for a meal . Something that is fun but it doesn’t derail you. 

8 .Don’ apologize for who you are !

7 . Find your tribe !
Find your friends that get you ! They will give you life ! 

6. Make time for Family – You will not regret the memories you make especially when they are no longer with you !

5. Run your own race ! Social media is a great way to compare your life to others . When you should focus on what you want in life . We have this concept that we should be married and have one or two kids by our early 30’s. Honestly it’s totally fine to not be there in life ! I’m not married , no kids and dating anyone ! That is fine as I’m working on my business and working on myself . Eventually the right guy will come along . Run your own race with your life !

4. Have a relationship with God – !  God loves me and us without restrictions ! Spending time with God with each day in his word is important . I always knew in my darkest days that god had purpose for why I was in so much pain and so exhausted 10 years ago. It was to help you all with your fibromyalgia . 

3. Deal with past trauma ! Forgive ! 

2. Let Your heart feel ! What it needs to feel ! If you are sad then it’s ok. Just don’t stay there for long .

1.If you don’t have your health ! Then you can’t do the things you really want in life ! You are doing disservice to yourself along with your family !

I hope you enjoyed this fun episode and learned what is important to me ! I hope you apply some of these lessons to your life ! 

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