My name is Amanda Elise Love and  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago which influenced my decision to enter the field of nutrition and now I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who works with those who are suffering from fibromyalgia.My mission in life is to help as many people as possible with fibromyalgia !!  God has put this on my heart because I have personally experienced this malady and don’t want you to struggle anymore. 

I hope you are drinking your favorite drink (mine is Biglow’s Green tea) and all set to learn something new ! 

Today’s topic is – “ Simple Ideas to make Traveling Easier with Fibromyalgia .”

This is the 4th  episode of a holiday series of 5 . 

Episode 32 – “Building Up Your Immune System Before The Holidays” was episode 1 in the holiday series . 

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Let’s start today’s topic of “Simple Ideas To Make Traveling Easier With Fibromyalgia. 

So let’s get started with the first tip – Plan ahead- This means don’t book flights that get into early or get in late and go nonstop if at all possible ! Also if you are able to arrive a day or two early that way you can reset and recover before you have to be somewhere . If you plan to drive , then plan your travel times and stop overs so as to not do too much in a day .

Next if you are staying with relatives you might want to consider staying at a hotel for at least half of the time. Having a place where you can go and relax reduces your stress . That way you can control your own space and activities for some of the day. 

Dress comfortably- This is one of the most important tips. You want clothes that are loose and comfortable that don’t have a lot of zippers or buttons as they can cause skin irritation. Always pack a jacket as the temperatures can be colder on the plane that way it doesn’t cause a flare up. 

Plan Comfortable Transport – 

There are many different ways to travel but have you considered some are less comfortable than others and it can aggarative your symptoms? Examples would be traveling by a public bus might be hard on your body . If possible you can go by train as it is smoother and easier on your body.

Pack Food – As someone who has a lot of food sensitivities there is a lot that I can’t eat especially at the airport. There is a lot of fast food and junk that you can get but is not good for your fibromyalgia . I recommend packing some Laura bars. They are free of allergies and are made with only 6 ingredients. Perfect if you are craving something sweet. Also some almonds or your favorites nuts.  If you get fast food try to get the healthiest food on the menu such as a salad with chicken, lettuce and fruit. I want you to keep your energy levels stable so you don’t crash. 

Also if you have food sensitivities, you can always ask what is allergy free and most fast food places have their menus online nowadays. So you can print those out. Knowing ahead there are a few places where you can eat will help reduce stress and anxiety.

Also before you travel  look up grocery stores where you are traveling, so you know where to stock up on snacks you can eat. Pick up some bottled water too – keeping hydrated is so important!

When you are about to travel consider this : do you bring a big handbag  that is loaded with stuff ? Which then can put stress on your shoulders and arms which then puts you into more pain.  I suggest getting a smaller purse that goes across your body for the essentials and it is much lighter. 

Airport comfort – We all drop off our suitcases and then go through security. Maybe look through the shops and then look for somewhere to relax . Those metal fixed airport seating are not the greatest for us with fibromyalgia.  I want you to find the most comfortable chair and if possible you might want to join the airport lounge where you can relax before your flight. 

Supplements , Meds and remedies – There are simple ways to pack these without taking several bottles. There are pill holders that you can put your daily supplements / meds to make traveling easier. If you have anything that you use on occasion that can go into a small plastic bag and write the name of the med/supplement in permanent marker on the bag. 

Here is another tip – Some people with fibromyalgia have low Vitamin D levels , now that we are in late fall . It means we are less likely to get it from being outside.  People with Fibromyalgia often need extra vitamin D, B and Magnesium to help us through.  Magnesium helps with muscle cramping so I recommend having to take  an extra dose to prevent those painful spasms. 

Make sure you are getting good rest during the day . Make sure to give yourself plenty of time and also sleep late if needed. Sleeping in different beds and environments can affect your sleep so make sure to allow more time for good night’s sleep . Don’t forget to take time for rest throughout the day if you can . If you struggle to get to sleep or get that restful sleep or wake up feeling like a truck has hit you then you can go to my website to download my free sleep guide called ‘“The Sleep Fix For Those with Fibromyalgia ”. The link will also be in the show notes. 

Last tip – Evaluate Your Expectations – What do you want for this trip? Maybe you are visiting relatives and just want to be able to be present with them without being in pain? I can help you with that. More on that in a few minutes. Just knowing that you are going on this trip is an amazing thing and you should pat yourself on your back for your efforts. You may need to work on looking at it this way. Every time you can travel is a gift because you get new experiences. This way you are not disappointed if you don’t do everything on your list and it takes the pressure off to enjoy the trip .

I hope you find this episode to be helpful. So you are wondering what I should do next ? 

 I am here to tell you it’s not late to get the help you need so that you can enjoy the holidays ! How would it be to be present with your family and be in less pain or no pain at all ? How would it be to you to get that deepful restful sleep that you have the energy to do those holiday activities? Or would you like to have the energy to play with your grandchildren ?  I offer a 30 day program called “The Fibro Fix 30 day Jumpstart “ that cover’s sleep, pain and fatigue that you can start with today. I also have one on  one services that are individualized to your health concerns and body systems. 

So your action steps from this episode are 

    -Where we can discuss your fibromyalgia journey, what your needs and challenges are and we will also talk about your next steps to working with me.
  4.  Sign up for my 30-day program called “The Fibro Fix 30 Day Jumpstart Program. –
  5. If you know that you want to work with me one one one go to my website and book your 90-minute health history phone call.

All of these links will be in the show notes and you can also reach out if you have any questions. 

 Thank you for tuning in today and joining us next time for the last holiday episode as I talk about – Faith and Fibromyalgia episode 36.

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