If you have a need to be on an alkaline diet, then you should start by eating clean foods that are considered more alkaline foods. This includes your fruits and veggies! Here are some of the top alkaline fruits to consider adding to your diet.


This hard-shelled fruit is packed with a ton of benefits. Coconut has a history of improving skin by aiding elasticity, and fighting oxidative stress. It is also great for your immune system, because it has a large amount of antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties. Coconut can also help to improve digestion of food, and make it easier for the body to absorb valuable nutrients, but one of the best attributes of coconut is that it can even help regulate insulin, which can help to prevent diabetes.


Papaya Is a tropical fruit. This fruit is widely known for its ability to aid in calming the stomach and reducing the production of stomach acids. This can help to massively improve digestion. It’s full of vitamins B, and C and is heavily antioxidant, which fights free radicals that cause cancer.


This yellow tree fruit is packed with great carbs and vitamins. Even though it contains a healthy dose of nutrition, it still has less than 120 calories. Eating a banana won’t spike your blood sugar, and they are absorbed quickly. They are very high in fiber, can

help you to have proper elimination, and are very filling. This absorption and high fiber will make you to feel more satisfied and full. Bananas also have a positive effect on moods and can help you to relax and be able to sleep better.


Avocado is among the most popular for use as a condiment, topping, or filling. One thing few people know is that they are higher in potassium than the average banana. They are also high in fiber, and can help to lower your cholesterol. They contain massive amounts of vitamins and minerals that help to nourish the body as well.

Plus – who doesn’t love avocado? This is an amazing healthy fat that is approved in the majority of diets, and can fill you up in between meals. It works great in smoothies, to have as a snack, top salads, or add to sandwiches. There are endless ways to use more avocados if you are looking to have more alkaline fruits in your daily diet.


This larger citrus fruit can help with cholesterol levels, and greatly impacts lipid levels. Grapefruit is associated with weight loss because of its effect on fats in the body and is full of vitamins like Vitamin C. It can also help to erode build ups of calcium like the calcium found in painful kidney stones. To help prevent stones, you can try consuming at least a cup of grapefruit juice a day. It is also popular to use as a late-night snack instead of eating carb filled junk foods.

If you want a simple way to remember to have your grapefruit each day, make a new habit of eating half a grapefruit each morning with some cottage cheese and a cup of tea.


Lemon juice is a great way to stimulate action in the liver because it contains uric acid, which breaks down a number of toxins in the body. Lemon is also effective at dissolving kidney stones and can help to improve digestion. If you were to consume at least a glass of lemon juice a day, the acids can stimulate your intestines to create a bowel movement, and the juice can help to dissolve various substances that form plaque on the intestinal walls.

The great thing about lemon is how versatile it is, and how easy it is to have more of it. For example, if you are looking to develop a new daily routine for your health, you can start each day with a full glass of lemon water. Just slice up lemon and add it to a glass, or you can even prepare a pitcher of lemon water the night before, then just pour it in the cup the next morning.


Cherries are an amazing natural source of melatonin with is a hormone producing by your pineal gland. Science has discovered that eating cherries or drinking cherry juice can greatly help you to stay asleep for longer periods. Melatonin is also an antioxidant that can help to combat free radicals. Cherries are also full of powerful naturally occurring anti-inflammatory chemicals.

If you are a fan of smoothies, cherries make a wonderful addition to your favorite recipes. Cherries have just the right amount of sweetness, so you can add just a few of them to your smoothie and it will be sweeter, even if the smoothie is a green smoothie with lots of greens.

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