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Episode 43 – Birthday Episode !! 31 Lessons in my 31 years!

By Amanda Love | Jan 3, 2021 |

Hello My Fibromyalgia Community ,  As I was thinking about what the first episode should be for 2021. This idea came to me out of the blue that I should talk about 31 lessons in my 31 years. Something about me that you don’t know is  that I’m constantly coming up with ideas sometime at…

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Benefits of Using Guided Visualization

By Amanda Love | Dec 31, 2020 |

Meditation provides a lot of amazing benefits for your mind, attitude, and physical health. If you have been wanting to try meditation, but find it intimidating, you might want to start slow with guided visualization. Here is a quick rundown on how that works and what you need to get started. Benefits of Guided Meditation…

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Are You Addicted to Sugar?

By Amanda Love | Dec 27, 2020 |

When you think of addiction, you might think about gambling, substances and alcohol, but there are many other addictions as well. One of them is sugar, which can actually be something you struggle with and not even realize it. Here are some things to know about sugar addiction. Why Sugar Addiction is a Bad Thing…

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Anti-Inflammation and Micronutrients for Anti-Aging

By Amanda Love | Dec 24, 2020 |

If you have been looking into anti-aging remedies, you have probably come across a lot of topical products, some expensive, and some you can make at home. There are a lot of things you can do during the aging process, but it really all comes down to 2 main areas – collagen and nutrients that…

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Podcast – 41 Cooking with Herbs

By Amanda Love | Dec 20, 2020 |

Welcome to the podcast Fibromyalgia Real Solutions with Amanda Love. You are listening to episode 41 of Cooking with Herbs. Thank you for listening to the podcast – If this is the first episode that you are listening to or if you have been listening for a while. Thank you all for taking the time…

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