When you’re a person who likes to go out, there are times when it feels like trying to do a major dietary change can be a major hassle. You wonder if there will be anything that you can eat at social functions, and so you begin the inner debate. Sticking to a diet can be hard, but there are lots of ways to stay on track. The follow few paragraphs will give you a few tips on attending parties and cosy gathering while eating clean.

Eat Before You Leave

The easiest and best way to stay on point with your diet is to eat before you leave. Pick something lean and high protein, that way you’ll be a little lighter on your toes for the evening without having to experience the woes of hunger Try to make something like a large tuna salad that is quick and easy. Eating a large heavy meal filled with carbs will make you feel sluggish, and as such, probably not all that excited to have to deal with a large group of people.

Bring Your Own Food

What if you have to leave for the party early and you don’t feel ready to eat? Then you can try bringing your own food. There’s no law that says you can’t bring food that is available to you. This way you can eat freely without having to be on anyone else’s time frame. You should always invest in a few good quality food containers that allow you to keep food with you for a number of hours. Get a cooler of some kind that easily fits into your vehicle so you can make a car trip when the time is right. If people seem curious, you can say anything you like. Anything from, “I need fresh air” to “I’m going to die if I don’t eat” will suffice. You might even get a few extra points if you bring a sampling for special guest you meet that night.

Pick the Healthiest Food They Have

If you don’t feel like the food they have to offer is so far out from what you need, then you can simply choose the best of what they have to offer. That will probably restrict what you can eat, but it’ll still be better than going without eating. Most gatherings today are likely to have some relatively healthy options. You can basically expect at least one veggie tray, and some cold cuts that you can eat from until the end of the engagement. If you’re really worried about whether something is completely safe to eat, then it might just be best to skip it and wait until it over.

See What They Have and Plan

When you are going to the gathering, see if there is some way to find out what they’ll be serving. That will tell you what kind of moves you might have to make beforehand so you’re not left in the cold. Depending on the type of gathering it is, there might be catering staff who will able to answer questions for you. They might not be completely aware of dieting trends, so you should be prepared to not only ask with tact, but also to preemptively provide enough information for them to be able to answer you efficiently. Staff at events are usually quite busy, so the less time you take from them, the more likely you will be to get an answer to the questions that you ask them.

Drink More Water

You might find that drinking some water might be good enough to keep you occupied until you’re ready to leave. A lot of hunger that people experience can be attributed to needing to drink more water. If you’re still hungry after a glass of water or two, then you’ll know you really need food.

On a side note, some gatherings are likely to contain alcohol that is openly available. If you haven’t eaten, then it wouldn’t be a very good idea to have much of that, because your tolerance to it will be substantially lower than normal.

Be Social

Spending time socializing can help you to keep you mind off of feeling hungry. It takes time to foster new connections, and anyone you know will want to speak to you more than once through the night anyway. Get involved in stimulating conversations that capture your interest. Learn about anything and everything from anyone who will be willing to explain. This is a good way to see what people are into and help them feel more comfortable. Make the rounds several times and once you’re satisfied, you can take your leave of the event and get something to eat. Leaving early can even be a bit fashionable.

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