Intro – Mention how apple cider vinegar doesn’t just help humans, but can be a good natural health remedy for dogs as well. Can also mention other pets, but is more common with dogs.

Natural Flea Remedy

Apple cider vinegar can be diluted and applied to a dog’s skin to help get rid of fleas. However, if your dog or home has a large amount of fleas, consult a vet.

Use it For First Aid

Apply the vinegar as a topical application for muscle aches, abrasions, bug stings, and dry skin on dogs.

Clean Up Pet Stains

You can also use apple cider vinegar to clean up pet accidents in the home. Dilute it with water, then apply to the stains and remove with paper towels. It cleans up the mess and deodorizes it.

Help With Itchy Skin

Dogs with itchy and dry skin, particularly form allergies, can find relief with diluted apple cider vinegar.

You can also mention using it as an ear cleaner with cotton balls if you want a longer blog post.

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