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   My name is Amanda Elise Love and  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago which influenced my decision to enter the field of nutrition and now I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who works with those who are suffering from fibromyalgia.  

 People who have chronic illnesses frequently think of themselves as the person in the phrase “When the going gets tough , the tough get going ’’ !! 

And , it’s good to have that attitude because it means they will persevere in the face of a big challenge “through thick or thin ” . 

Specifically speaking for those who have fibromyalgia you are not just ill but you have to deal with friends and family who don’t understand your malady and question if it really is a syndrome . If a physician does give you a diagnosis of fibromyalgia he has no plan to stop the severe pain and fatigue that you are enduring !!

He may suggest pharmaceutical drugs though which will possibly mask the symptoms but will not solve the issues and you might also have unpleasant side effects from the drugs. 

  So ,the tough get going, put on a brave face and try to carry out their obligations with little complaint.  This is the way it is for many of you who  believe that this is your lot in life and that you have to suffer with pain, fatigue , insomnia and more for the rest of your days . And as you accept your  lot in life you begin to think of yourself as a warrior.However , this is not the complete picture . 

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     So taking this process deeper, we should look at the traits that describe a warrior .

First, a warrior makes the decision to enter the battle and do whatever it takes to win.

   Going back to the times of Gladditors,  they knew that they had to defeat their opponent or die.  He does the right training, he practices and then he trains and practices some more.  He consumes the right food, gets the right  sleep and right care of his muscles and develops the right mindset. He is committed to winning because his life depends on it. 

Fast forward to today in the United States where we have the greatest armed forces in the world so, how did that happen ? 

Well, first the young man or woman decides to serve his country for a variety of reasons.  Upon acceptance, he goes to boot camp where his mettle is tested. Fitness, enderence , strength , agility and commitment to following his drill sergeant’s directions are assessed.  He continues his education and learns about weaponry and the strategy of war including the strengths of his opponent. 

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    Discipline and courage are the keys to victory on the battlefield as he follows the plan of his commander. He knows there is a strategy , and plans to defeat his enemy . Without a plan this battle will end in defeat !!

A warrior soldier does not run out onto the battlefield without a plan looking for someone to help him . In a way , this reminds me of many of you as you go out on the battlefield without training and without direction from a leader.

    I’m wondering now, are you the courageous warrior who puts on a brave face and fights the battle all alone and without a plan ? 

   Or are you the committed warrior who steps on the battlefield with training under his belt and a plan in his hand? 

  I hope you aspire to be the latter because he is a warrior in the true sense of the word because he is in it to win it !

     So let’s enter the field of battle side by side , because you see , I have a plan that will make you a Victorious Warrior !!!

   This plan requires commitment  and discipline ! I will be there to boost your confidence going forward with your individualized plan.

 I will guide you along the way to victory and better health!!

 This commitment to winning by our men and women in our armed forces is the reason why we have the greatest military in the world. 

Take a moment now to consider if you think of yourself as a fibromyalgia warrior  ? Do you consider the fact that a true warrior always has a plan of action because he is in it to win it. 

Do you have a plan of action ?

Are you willing to follow instructions ?

  Are you willing to make a commitment to a plan because there is A PLAN that can help you ?

  I know this for a fact, if you do not have a plan to follow ,next year nothing will have changed. The pain, fatigue and inominsina will still be your companion. 

So where is the true warrior in you ?  Or is the status quo acceptable to you? 

If not  come join the army of true warriors who are sick and tired of being in the same place year after year !  You are getting no answers from medical professionals and you don’t want to be on medications or you don’t want to add any new drugs !

If you join this army I will give you an individualized plan with recommendations for supplements , food choices and lifestyle changes that will give you back your energy and relieve your pain . 

I’m there to support you along the way!!

For your free 45 minute discovery call schedule a time where we can chat.I have 5 openings right now for new clients.  We can easily chat about everything that’s going on with your health,  what is  missing in terms of the solutions and how I can best support you in your goals. Don’t go another month dealing with your fibro symptoms without my help ! 

Go to my website www.amandaeliselove.com to schedule your call 

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  I’m going to leave you with this question: What is the true value of your health ? It should be more than gold and the most precious of gems. This value of your health is more precious and apparent  as the years go by. “Don’t settle ’’.  For “ I’m ok “. Your family needs you to be your best self !

I will be coming to you soon with the 24th episode and if you have a topic that you would like me to talk about send me a message at amandaeliselove@gmail.com

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